Sunday, January 17, 2010


Food. Love. Life.

This is a blog for all my fellow foodies out there who are currently missing that special meal with that special someone. So before I ramble on about delicious foods and my darling boyfriend, let me do as the title says and introduce myself.

Hello all, I am a first year college student in Ohio, although I am originally from New York City. (And proud of it!) However, don't ask why I made the move to the mid-West... Let's just say that the pursuit of a higher education was the greater incentive. I am a self proclaimed gourmet, having eaten many different dishes and tried many different restaurants (in NYC especially). I am currently in a long distance relationship with my high school sweetheart, who is studying in Rochester. Hence, the blog. Something that will hopefully keep me sane, during my time away from him and a dedication to those in a similar position as me.

So, I believe that is enough to begin with. But keep checking for more. I will be posting restaurants, recipes, and stories weekly, for those of you awesome enough to read my blog. :)

Oh, and one more thought (rather question)... Which food do you think is the purest? What makes it pure? (If you answer, I'll subscribe to your blog!)


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