Thursday, January 21, 2010

Saw Julie/Julia Last Night...

Hey All!

Cooking. There's something about it that soothes the soul. Maybe it's the aromas or the sound of sizzling oil or even the feel of a knife slicing through an onion. Perhaps it's the knowledge that you're in the middle of creating something absolutely delicious. Whatever it is, I miss it. Because being stuck in a college dorm with no way to cook is suffocating the foodie inside me. Well, not really. But how can I live with myself, as a gourmet, without being able to project my love of food via cooking? So for all you lucky enough to be cooking right now, know that I envy you. Appreciate that dish, even more. For me. Please?

"Don't crowd the mushrooms!"

Cooking = Healthy, radiant skin

Hahaha! One's trash is another's treasure.

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