Tuesday, June 1, 2010

More On The Truck Farm

Hey All!

Last Wednesday I went to visit my high school. To my surprise and delight, guess who came to visit our Gastronomy Club... Yep! Curt and Ian! They brought along the Truck Farm for us to see and we got the opportunity to ask them any questions that we had. Against my usually shy demeanor (and I can hear all my readers that personally know me snickering at that statement), I asked them a question. "How do you plan on expanding this program? Like, how do you plan on reaching those that aren't as aware of our agricultural and food related problems?" Okay. It was two questions, cleverly concealed as one. Anyway, they answered that they have been touring around the East Coast with the truck farm, visiting different schools in inner-city neighborhoods, trying to reach out to the kids that didn't have much of an idea of where fruits and vegetables come from. They also explained that the "choir," meaning those in the know, are speaking up and pushing for change. It isn't some little problem that can be ignored anymore. Their answer was a lot longer and more detailed than that but those were the two main points. I was just super ecstatic that they answered my question(s) and that they're so hopeful that change towards agricultural sustainability is coming. Plus, I got to see the Truck Farm, in all its brilliance, in person. I hope to post some of the photos that my darling boyfriend took. Until then... Here's some pictures I found online of the guys and of the Truck Farm.

Bis Morgen!  

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