Monday, June 21, 2010

Obese Children

Hey All!

The other day, while walking down the street with my darling boyfriend, we came across an extremely obese child. This boy could not have been more than seven years old and 100 pounds. His tiny pudgy hands could barely grasp the enormous hot dog and soda that he was devouring. My boyfriend and I lamented about how inexcusable it is for a child to be that overweight. I expressed my anger towards the parents, whose responsibility is to say "no" to their child every once in a while. It is also the parents' responsibility to teach their child proper eating habits, especially since children are not learning those habits in school. 
Eating healthy starts at home. If parents teach their children how to eat well (starting at a young age), the children will grow up continuing a healthy eating lifestyle. It is all a matter of parents taking the extra 10 minutes a day to pack a school lunch and an extra 20 minutes to make a fresh breakfast. Here's a video with a couple of tips on how to prepare healthy school lunches and breakfasts. 

Bis Morgen!

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