Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Union Square Farmer's Market

Hey All!

A few days ago, on one of those rare lovely, sunny, non-humid days in NYC, I took a stroll through Union Square. Passing through the Farmer's Market, the thought occurred to me that it was the perfect summer lunch spot. Fresh fruits and veggies, fresh juices, and a huge variety of breads and cheeses; seemed like the perfect lunch on a hot day. At least to me. Therefore, I ended up visited the different booths, gathering what goodies I could find (this included some amazing goat cheese, delicious bread, and some super fresh strawberries). Then I sat in the park and devoured my lunch. This was by far my favorite lunch since I've been back in NYC. Nothing could compare to the great people watching, the cool breeze, and the super fresh and delicious foods. So I highly recommend that you take your lunch break at the Union Square Farmer's Market! And don't forget to ask for cutlery and napkins, which the friendly farmers and bakers would gladly give you. 

Bis Morgen!

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