Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Hey All!

For all you McDonald's fans out there, this video is a must see. 4 year old cheeseburger and fries. Need I say more?

Bis Morgen!


  1. Are you gonna take a health/lifestyle/obesity advice from an overweight/obese person? Also, the person involved might have their own agenda and the experiment should be conducted with supervision or just by anyone who believes all these nonsense. Try conducting an experiment with a control sample instead to verify the results. I believed that the mcd's were "preserved" in a dry environment, in order for it to retain the so-called "preserved" state. Under normal humid environment, i.e in the summer, it will grow mold, etc. If this is true, more news coverage would have been given to this. And why single out mcd? She's basically making excuses for why she's fat as she said near the end of the video, "Once it gets in your thigh, it doesn't break down." BS. I eat mcdonald's with fries at least once a week and I'm not as fat as her. Typical fat white liberals, making excuses, blaming others except themselves.

  2. To answer your first question, No. I am not. To answer your second question, she singles out McDonalds because it is the largest fast food chain on the planet. Also, It's not just fat white liberals that are making this case against McDonalds. There are skinny white ones too. Just because you've been given the gift of a fast metabolism doesn't mean that McDonalds' harmful effects aren't affecting your body. Studies have shown that skinny people can have high cholesterol and high blood pressure even though they are not fat. And even if you have neither of those things, eating fries once a week (from McDonalds or not) is simply not a healthy way to get your vegetable intake.