Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Best of New York (Part 2)

Hey All!

The second and perhaps final part of this Best of New York series. Everyone knows that along with hot dogs and pizza, pastrami is another NYC classic. Each New Yorker has their favorite pastrami joint (aka deli). Mine happens to be in my neighborhood of Washington Heights. Unfortunately though it did not make the Daily News' Best Of List. Probably because their specialty is roast beef. Anyway, top pastrami place Mill Basin Deli is a bit of an unknown tucked away in Brooklyn. I have never tried it although now it's on my list of places to try when I return to NYC. After the infamous Katz's Deli of course. So let me know what you think! Did your favorite deli not make it on the list? Are you a roast beef or pastrami lover? Or like myself, both?

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