Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Whoopie Pies vs Blueberry Pies

Hey All!

Fellow east coast state, Maine, is currently debating if Whoopie pies should be considered their state dessert (who knew states had their own dessert). These delicious treats, although tasty, are unhealthy because of its high sugar and fat content. Nutritionists fear that if Whoopie pies are made the state dessert, it would condone unhealthy eating. Their other option is blueberry pies, made with wild blueberries found in Maine. These pies are significantly healthier and would promote a healthier diet in Maine. Now, the argument goes back and forth because Whoopie pies can be made healthier by using more quality ingredients (like good dark chocolate) and the famous dessert was first created in Maine, making it a large part of the state's culture and history. For more details, check out this article

So, what do you think? Whoopie pies or blueberry pies? And how about your own state's dessert? Do you think your state's dessert is appropriate?



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