Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bad Day (Like that Daniel Powter song)

Hey All!

Is it just me or does a bad meal really amplify a bad day?

It all started when I had a big fight with my darling boyfriend late last night (pressures of a long distance relationship on top of college life are intense enough to cook a 15 pound pot roast in 5 minutes). Anyway, things all worked out in the end (YAY!). However, this afternoon with the fight still fresh in my mind I went to eat in the dining hall. Let me just say that ketchup is NOT a substitute for sweet and sour sauce. The overly sweet and salty taste of the "sweet and sour chicken" was enough to almost make me tear up again. Almost. However, like a real trooper I downed the vile concoction and then walked back to my room, disappointed. There I found that the chapter in my math textbook that we were working on was missing. Great. So I threw down the book. Took a deep breath. And thought to myself, there must be some way to salvage all this.

To be continued...

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