Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Good Day (Like that...other song)

Hey All!

So is it just me or does good food make bad days better?

Remembering my Amazon order (refer to the first blog entry) I headed straight to my closet. From there, I grabbed a bag of Pop Chips, barbecue flavor to be exact, and from my fridge, I grabbed a can of IZZE, the clementine flavored one. Then I sat on my bed and had my snacks while watching Up In The Air. Miraculously, that seemed to do the trick. The sweet yet subtle smokiness from the Pop Chips and the tangy but not too sweet IZZE had me getting out of bed for more. By the time the movie ended, I had gone through 4 cans of IZZE and 5 bags of Pop Chips, of varying flavors. (I would totally recommend IZZE, clementine and blackberry are the best, and Pop Chips, any flavor really, to anyone whether they're having a bad day or not.)

I love how GOOD food mends the worries, stress, and fears in my mind, leaving me with a stillness (probably from being so full) that nothing else can quite compare. So tell me your stories of how food comforted you. Just leave it in the comment section of this blog entry and I'll definitely respond with some of my witty humor!



  1. Yes, they do. At least the ones that I got off of Amazon.com.