Thursday, March 18, 2010

Explore, Eat, Travel, Eat More

Hey All!

I've got a new task for you this week. Ready? 

Try a dish that you've never had before. Walk into to a restaurant, google a new recipe, or whatever it is you do to get your next meal and taste something different. This is the best way to begin expanding your taste buds and learning to accept different tastes. And to go along with this week's theme of international foods, try a dish from a country you've never tasted anything from. You'll learn so much more about that nation and appreciate their culture a lot more as well. There's no better way to explore a different culture than through their food. So, go out. Try a new food. Come back. And tell me all about it. Did you like it? Would you eat it again? Is there something else you encountered during your adventure that you would like to try?


Oh, and to get you started here are some ideas...

1. Ethiopian food. (i.e. wat)
2. Australian food. (i.e. vegemite sandwiches)
3. Lithuanian food. (i.e. blynai)
4. Egyptian food. (i.e. baba ghannoug)
5. Russian food. (i.e. borscht)

Bis Morgen!

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