Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Buffets: International Food Central

Hey All!

Since the beginning of this blog, I've showed you only my gourmet foodie side. Meaning, I've told you about my love for the freshest and highest quality ingredients and the restaurants that live up to those high standards. However, I have a darker side. A dirtier side. One that indulges in the almighty sin of gluttony.

That's right. I love buffets.
Now, many of you are probably gasping and wondering how could I eat at such establishments, that leave food out all day and use the cheapest ingredients. Easy. Buffets serve foods from all over the world, all in one place and at relatively low prices. So, yummy international food + low prices + eat as much as you can = Heaven. Right? Well, kind of. Some of the foods can make you sick and are in general, no good for you. The trick to getting the most food for your dollar though is to know which buffets to go to and which foods are the best to eat. (Scroll down for my buffet recommendations in NYC and Cleveland.)
First off, use your eyes and nose when visiting the buffet tables. If something looks or smells off, then avoid it. Also, if you see other diners ignoring a certain food, follow suit. There's no good that can come of being unique and adventurous in this situation. Second, when it comes to seafood and meat dishes, make sure to get them when they come fresh out of the kitchen. This ensures freshness and tastiness. Third, stay clear of the typical dishes (fries, burgers, pizza, etc). They tend to be very filling and full of MSG. So with these three simple rules feel free to visit any one of my recommended buffets and indulge in some delicious, albeit unhealthy and not very elegant, international foods.

Buffet Recommendations in NYC

Buffet Recommendations in Cleveland, OH


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  1. brit kinda just made my day with these (except for the first one. too expensive. not that i dont wanna go but..yeah......)

    aaaah, these look lovely. question - any of them have Alaskan king crab legs? I'll admit thats my guilty pleasure when i head out to a particular chinese buffet off in yonkers (off hand i dont know the name) - it's pretty much the only thing i end up eating mostly because of the amount of time it takes me to get the meat out, but i loves it sooo...

    aah, now to find people to drag along with me to said places....