Thursday, March 4, 2010

Going Home!!!

Hey All!

I'm going back to NYC tomorrow!!!!!!!!!! Finally. I'm going to get some real food into my system. Perhaps that's what I need to inspire the continuation of this blog... So in celebration of going back home, I'm posting a video, from everyone's favorite bad boy chef; Anthony Bourdain, about his favorite restaurants in NYC.

Bis Morgen!


  1. Heyo tiny lady [three guesses who this is].

    Your blog is looking good/making me hungry [which means you're doing it right, lol!]

    As you may notice, I have started a blog as well. I had the idea of linking to other bloggers I know on my sidebar, and having them link me, etc.

    It would be called "partners in crime" or something of the sort. What do you reckon?

  2. lol hey!!! i've been meaning to check out your new blog... i'm so glad you like mine. and i love that idea! i was thinking about doing a similar thing. i'm just waiting til farren can design me a nice template for my blog. :)