Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Good, Clean, Fair Food

Hey All!

Today's blog post title is inspired by Slow Food. This organization strives to encourage biodiversity in foods and counteract the fast food movement. Spreading awareness of the issues behind today's fast food culture and connecting consumers with their local farmers, are just two of the ways that Slow Food is using to help people rediscover the enjoyment of eating. I have always believed that people take the simple act of eating for granted. No one truly appreciates a good, properly cooked meal anymore. C'mon. Think about it. Why bother cooking when McDonalds is right around the corner? But do you think about where that hamburger from McDonalds comes from? Or perhaps the fries? Probably not. Why bother? It's food made fast and convenient. Perfect for the world today. However, the reality is that fast food harms more than it helps.
Parents are beginning to teach their children bad habits. Like, it's okay to eat junk food and not exercise. As long as, you're doing well academically, you'll be successful. So put more money and time into academics rather than physical education. It'll pay off in the long run. Sure. Believe that all you want. But what about your health? What's the point of doing well and being successful if you're not going to be able to appreciate it (obesity and death tend to prevent such things)? It is ridiculous that people spend a few dollars on a burger, fries, and soda (thinking they're saving money) and then spend thousands on health bills. It just doesn't make any sense!!!
Food is so essential to our lives and well beings.  For a person who truly appreciates food in all its glorious kinds, it pains me to see the crap kids and even my peers eat nowadays. There needs to be a change. ASAP. So after you read this blog post, go talk to a friend about this topic. Then ask that friend to talk about it with a few of his/her friends. And so on and so forth. Do some research as well. You'll be shocked to see what you find.
Oh, and here's the video for today. This chef is proposing to change school lunch menus, basing them around more sustainable and healthier foods. It's a bit long but extremely eye opening. Definitely a must watch.


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  1. sounds like brits' been reading some Fast Food Nation or The Omnivores' Dilemma" huh?

    It's a tough task - convincing a school, let alone the government to incorporate some level of a gastronomy class (ala Boylans' Gastronomy class) so that, at bare minimum younger children - circa age 12 or so, so that they can actually understand what they are reading but still young enough to hopefully change their habits - can make more informed choices in their day to day lives, but it'd be lovely if that came to fruition (hehe... fruit... fruition...). I mean, I firmly believe that people should be informed and then left to make their own choices - if you want to harm you're body then by all means, as long as you know what it's doing to you on some level.

    I'm also a bit of a supporter of a Universal Health Care system for the US, but I also feel that such a system shouldn't cover any medical expenses on problems that could have been avoided in the first place (i.e. dangerous sports (parkour, skate-boarding, etc), smoking-related illneses, and food related illnesses). I don't believe in me paying for someone elses' stupidity. But a system like that implies you know the dangers before-hand, which is where the better knowledge circulation comes into place.

    Shame. If the entire food system wasn't as subsidized by the citizens as much, real food would have a much better chance in the market. Or hell, put that money towards better food education >.>

    ....think i went off on a too far rant but im sure you likes the comment + food for thought that your post inspired. stuffs...