Saturday, April 24, 2010

13 Days!

Hey All!

Today was Springfest at Case! It's an annual tradition here that celebrates the end of the spring semester. As well as the current spring season. So of course, in true Ohio fashion, it rained. All booths and entertainment had to be moved indoors, (forgive me for the pun) dampening the lively mood. Even the food seemed rather somber and pathetic. Gyros with chicken instead of lamb? Rolls instead of pita bread? Not so vibrant looking veggies? Please. I expect better. So I came up with my own Springfest menu. Don't you think it's more springlike? (In other words, better?)  

Cold cucumber soup
Cold Cucumber Soup
Lemon Rosemary Chicken Pasta
Seared Salmon with Creamed Spinach and Red Peppers
Rice Pudding and Mango Parfait

Bis Montag!

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