Friday, April 23, 2010

Two Weeks!

Hey All!

Today marks the beginning of the two week countdown to going back to NYC. That's right. My first year at college is almost over. And after finals it's on to a beautiful four month summer in NYC. (With my darling boyfriend, of course.) As you can probably guess, I'M REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY EXCITED. It seems like the next two weeks can't go by fast enough. I can't wait to sleep in my own bed. Take the train to Times Square. Hang out at the Union Square Farmers Market. See friends and family. And most importantly cook. Below are pictures of the dishes that I'm most thrilled about trying.

Grilled Chicken, Bacon & Smoked Gouda Panini Recipe with Pesto Mayonnaise 
Post image for Dill Potato Salad 
 Mud Pie with Homemade Decaf Coffee Ice Cream
 feature photo
Ughhh... Two weeks...

Bis Morgen!

Note: For your entertainment, I suffered through 25 pages of photos of food and I am now craving every single dish that I saw. So I hope you enjoy this particular blog entry more than any of my other entries, while I go find a way to shut my tummy up before I wake up my dorm mates. 

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