Saturday, April 3, 2010

Anyone Hungry?

Hey All!

I haven't eaten all day. Been too busy browsing Youtube videos and Facebook profiles. I mean, been too busy doing my German homework, reading my Bio textbook, and saving the world... Which leads me to my main point. Tonight is the perfect night for take out. It's muggy out and the weather's turning a bit cooler. And I've got tons of work to finish before the weekend is up. I really wish there were more delivery places here in Ohio. There simply aren't enough to fulfill that take out craving, so many New Yorkers have. Perhaps, I'll go out and get some food. But what should I get? Hmm... Any one else hungry? Any one else desperate for some non-dining hall food? Comment below. :)

Bis Montag!


  1. What dish is in the top left picture? I really
    want to try to make it.

  2. Those are samosas. They have different fillings; lamb, vegetables, and beef mainly. I'm a bigger fan of the vegetable and lamb samosas. Here's a link to my favorite recipe for the veggie ones.