Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring Fever

Hey All!

It seems that spring (in all its glorious forms) has hit Ohio. Students around campus are ditching their jackets and coats for tank tops and shorts, the sun is shining until past dinnertime, couples are strolling by hand in hand, and hot, rich foods are being served in the dining hall. Wait. Rich, hot, filling meals? Does that sound spring-like to you? Yeah. It doesn't to me either. If our dining hall insists on being "seasonal," then you'd expect more salads and sandwiches to be served, right? Well, not exactly. There aren't any expansions on the salad bar (seasonal and regional produce would be nice) and the sandwiches are the same "make-your-own" sandwiches from the winter season. Apparently spring hasn't hit our dining hall yet... But just in case, some of my readers are dining hall staff (or fellow sufferers of the non-spring food being served) here's a list of produce, dishes, and such that I would love to have.

1.     Asparagus (a bit expensive but so worth it!)
2.     Artichoke Dip (and it's easy to make tons)
3.     Avocados (not just guacamole)
4.     Mangoes (preferably in a fruit salad with other fruits in season)
5.     Peas (great with pasta or as a light side dish--no butter, please)
6.     Grilled chicken (and not just the made to order stuff at the grill, get creative!)
7.     Veggie burgers (make more instead of just waiting for someone to order them)
8.     Spinach (in frittatas, steamed, on pizza, in dips, the possibilities are endless!)
9.     Strawberries (fresh not frozen, simply sliced or hulled and marinated in sugar and orange juice)
10.   Watercress (in salads, cold soups, sauces, frittatas, and anything else--edible--you can think of!)

Enjoy the weather!

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  1. Wow.. It's 11:42pm and after seeing those delectable dishes, I feel a large midnight snack coming on!