Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Centennial. Kind Of.

Hey All!

The 100th blog entry has come and gone. Regrettably, I did not remember the special occasion and therefore did nothing to mark it. Instead, I will celebrate the 109th blog entry. YAY, 109! 

I can barely believe that just 109 posts ago, "Food, Love, and Life" was a tiny idea in the back of my mind. All it took was one especially depressing Sunday in January and a bad plate of food, to inspire my first blog entry. At first, this blog was a way for me to survive the barren food lands of Ohio. Then it became a way for me to reach out to those participating in the Food Revolution, as well as recruit new members to the cause. Now, it is my page for everything that is me. Whether that be the World Cup, my darling boyfriend, or food; the most important thing in my life and the whole reason why I started this blog.

So, to show my immense appreciation to all my readers, here's some food porn for you all. Enjoy!

perfect white rice  
Post image for Roasted Red Pepper & Provolone Sandwiches  
Meatball Sliders Szechuan Peppercorn Roasted Chicken - a recipe using my new addiction, SZP flavored salt.  Plus a drawing for a free bag of Szechuan Peppercorn! 

Bis Morgen!

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  1. 109 posts? Time really does fly when you're looking at tasty pictures of tasty food.. Keep it up!