Thursday, June 24, 2010

New Grom

Hey All!

Yes, you read correctly. There is another Grom in NYC. YAY! The third Grom lies on 58th Street and Broadway, across the street from Columbus Circle. With outdoor seating, similar to the Bleecker Street location, and Central Park within walking distance it is the perfect summer gelateria. My darling boyfriend and I visited the new Grom recently, using the "it's too hot for dinner excuse," to get two medium sized cups, one each, of our favorite flavours. I had the green tea and melon, while he had the flavour of the month; lemon pie. All three flavours were to die for. Literally. I almost got hit by a car in my excitement in seeing the new Grom. 

Anyhow, head on over to the new Grom. It does not disappoint. And it might even be better than the other two locations. But I'll leave that decision for you to make.

Bon Appetit!   

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