Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Simple But Delicious

Hey All!

Everyone knows NYC is most famous for the best deli sandwiches. Such places as Katz Delicatessen and Carnegie Deli are institutions. Now for all you non-New Yorkers, a classic deli sandwich consists of good bread, a small amount of condiments, and tons and tons of meat. To accompany the monstrosity of a sandwich, a cold beverage (I prefer Boylan's root beer) and a HUGE stack of napkins are essential. If that doesn't peek your appetite, here are a few pictures of what a New York style deli sandwich should look like. 
Although these famous delis serve great sandwiches, the best deli is always the neighborhood one. For example, my neighborhood deli is 181st Street Deli and Bakery and it is quite possibly my favorite. I always get a hot roast beef and cole slaw sandwich on a hero with yellow mustard. Super yummy! So don't let the size intimidate you. Go out. Get one of those messy sandwiches. And bon appetit!   

Bis Morgen!

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