Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Afternoon Classes

Hey All!

I'm pretty sure we can all agree that afternoon classes are pretty wonderful. However, like all good things there are some negative aspects to having afternoon classes. 

Perks of Afternoon Classes:
-Sleeping in late
-More time to slack/do homework
-No trudging in the 3 feet deep snow that hasn't been cleared yet

Cons of Afternoon Classes:

So, of course I am speaking from personal experience. After tiring of waking up early, I decided that this semester all my classes were going to be in the afternoon. Lucky me, got my wish. It only took the first two days of school and a couple of classes where everyone was wondering where this large growling sound was coming from for me to realize that afternoon classes were a mistake. Oh, how I miss lunch! It is my favorite meal of the day along with dinner (granted I only eat two meals a day but I digress...). Now, you all are probably thinking: "Why not just eat earlier?" OR "Why not pack a bagged lunch?" And to you I say SEE PERKS. Eating earlier or packing bagged lunches are simply not an option. I just have to plod on, growling stomach and all. But let this be a lesson to you all. Afternoon classes begin to lose their appeal when your stomach becomes involved.



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